A Quick Word on Proselytizers


Wow. Even though I haven’t posted to this post in nearly a year I’m supposedly getting approximately 300 views a month. Some of those views are probably bots, but that is still a lot for an insignificance blogger like moi. While I was gone someone decided to proselytize on my blog titled “A Creepy Paranormal Experience.”

Le sigh.

Let me tell you something. Whenever I get a proselytizer at my door, I tell them I am not interested and send them on their way. Some pagans like to have conversations with these people, but not I. As I have mentioned several times before on this blog I am an ex-evangelical. This means I know all the proselytizers’ talking points because I have spoken the same words in the past. From my end there is nothing to be gain, and nothing interesting to be learned from engaging in these sorts of conversations anymore. It’s a boring, tired, and over done conversation I have had many times before from both ends.

I. Am. Not. Having. This. Conversation. Ever. Again.

If anyone tries to proselytize at me through my comments, from this point on I will delete their comment without a response.  The end.

Battle Hymn to the Fearsome Pussy: Or My Sarcastic Response to this Meme.


Vaginas-and-menSo this popped up on my Facebook timeline today.

I’ve been trying to learn how to pick my battles lately. Especially when it comes to things I find ignorant posted by friends and family. It gets tiring and stressful always arguing with those I care about, and it’s probably not so good for our relationships. So I’ll get out my angst out here.

There is a lot of thoughtful criticism that can be made about this meme and those like it. I could go on about how this meme promotes a toxic idea of masculinity. Or that only sexist assholes associate men with women and femininity as a way to insult them. Or that dictating what a person can or cannot wear based on outdated gender norms is sexist and oppressive, even when it comes to men. But this is not one of those responses. I was inspired to sarcastically write a poem instead.  It’s not all that good, but here I go:

Battle Hymn to the Fearsome Pussy

To have one is an immense responsibility

as her demands are often burdensome and perilous

But to have one is to experience a level a pleasure unknown to those without one

She beckons, she nurtures, she is hospitable

She stretches, she tears, she bloodlets,

but she keeps on keeping on

(Many of) her owners bleed once a month

but they do not succumb to death

She is the opening to the space where new life is formed

And to give birth is to travel to the boundaries between life and death

stare the awesome abyss in the eye

and declare in a thunderous roar

“I see that you are trying to kill me

But I say to you


NOT…. TO… DAY!!!”

Or in other words

She is not for the faint of heart

Not all men have earned the noble honor of association with her

Well… maybe this will change… in another thousand years.


(I could also point out this meme’s grammatical error.  But I dislike grammar Nazism.  Any who, my spelling and grammar are usually horrendous, so I don’t have much of a leg to stand on when it comes to that.)

A Creepy Paranormal Experience


I’ve had a couple of unsettling experiences lately.  I don’t know where else to talk about this.  I don’t want to tell my husband because I don’t want to scare him.  So I’ll write about it here.

About a month ago, as I was fading off to sleep, I started to experience a weird and creepy energy.  Thoughts of death, funeral homes, and various other things associated with death kept popping up.  I eventually convinced myself that my brain was just messing with me, and I went to sleep.

The next day my husband came home from work to find the cat we were watching for a friend dead on our bedroom the floor.

Then night before last, I sensed that same energy.  This time thoughts of coffins kept coming to mind.  I was so disturbed by my thoughts and feelings this time around I considered getting out of bed.  Eventual I regained control of thoughts enough to go back to bed.  Yesterday I spent most of day creeped the fuck out.  During the afternoon, I started experiencing feelings of deep sadness, hopelessness and anxiety that came out of the blue.  Life is good, so there was no reason for these feelings. I’ve never been diagnosed, but I do believe I have a touch of seasonal depression, so sometimes I’ll feel depressed for no reason, but usually this happens in the winter.  It’s been mostly warm, bright and sunny lately, so this was very weird.  The last weird event I experienced yesterday, was when my husband and I were watching Netflix.  All of a sudden I felt a big whoosh of air go passed me. I asked my husband if he felt that, and he said no.  I convinced myself that it was just a draft since it’s been windy here lately. I actually went to bed in a positive mood last night, since I got through the day  without anyone or thing in my social circle dying.  I was creeping myself out.  Nothing weird or bad went down, phew.

And then… AND THEN… this morning I got news that one of my husband’s cousin was found dead.  (FYI: I’m okay, I’ve never met my husbands cousin.) For privacy sake, I’m not going to go into details, but the death was suspicious.  They are thinking it’s either a murder or an overdose.  If all the weird feelings I was experiencing yesterday have anything to do with this, I wouldn’t rule out suicide.

It’s all so very strange. While I have seen ghost and spirits, and I have had weird feelings that were later validated before, I don’t consider myself psychic since I don’t actively encourage the skill. I am very much on a “I don’t want to know” basis with this sort of thing.  If there is a ghost in the room, I rather not know. And while I know that death is an unavoidable part of life, I just rather not get a heads up that death will making its way through my social circle again.

I’m so creeped out….


What’s up in my Life and SHRINES!!!


Yay!!! I’m no longer pregnant. I’ve been not pregnant for a time now. Baby turned three months old today. We’re over the fourth trimester!!!  Double Yay!! (Yup, I meant to say fourth trimester.  It’s a whole thing I don’t feel like going into. For info on the concept of a “Fourth Trimester” click here.)  Life now mostly involves readjusting to life with a very young child, and making things for my Etsy shop during the baby’s naps.


I didn’t make it to the local big Beltane festival this year. Tickets for the event sold out in about a day. We got on the waiting list, but by the time a space opened for my husband and I, we just weren’t feeling it anymore. So instead we attended a smaller Beltane ritual located in Santa Fe last weekend.

Sometime the constantly brown landscape of the desert can get a bit depressing, so it’s nice to get out and up into the mountains where there is lots of green stuff, every now and then. There was even a creek. Water features are always a plus in this part of the country. The ritual was refreshingly magical. I’m not a witch, so magic doesn’t have a big role in my path. But a splash of magic every now and then is nice. It makes me nostalgic. Reminds me of when I first came to Paganism and everything was still so enchanting.

At the ritual we danced the Maypole. My husband and I tried to get our eldest daughter to join in, but she lost interest and found the other kids her age more fascinating. It started raining pretty hard during the ritual and the Maypole dance. It’s kinda a reoccurring theme here. A heavy downpour has occurred during nearly every Beltane celebration I’ve been apart of. As I danced the bottom of my dress got soaked, and dirt coated my feet. There was something very childlike about that. I hadn’t played in the rain for year.


I know I said I wouldn’t involve anymore Etsy stuff of this blog. But I’m a creator and I like to share my creations. And for some reason posts from my other blog don’t show up on the reader. I don’t like to do it, but I got to promote.

I’ve seen other people make mini shrines.  And it looked like a lot of fun, so I made a few of my own. I’ve got to say, I love making these. I have so many ideas for other shrines running through my head, it’s hard to stop. I’m trying to slow down, as there’s no guarantee they’ll sell. And I don’t need dozens of mini shrines that won’t sell floating around my already crowded house.

So far I have mini shrines for Asherah, El, Hestia, Sophia, the Divine Self, and Lakshmi. I also have a mini shrine that can represent the element of water, water spirits or a water deity. Since there isn’t much out there for the Canaanite gods I’m planning to make mini shrines for the four top gods in the pantheon, Asherah, El, Anat, and Ba’al Hadad. I already finished the shrines to the first two, and Anat’s shrine is mostly done but I’m waiting for a couple components to show up in the mail.

Many of the components of the shrines were handmade from polymer clay by me. Handmade pieces are the florals, loaves of bread, cheeses, dishes, the mini Asherah plaque, the Mermaid figure, the fire place in the Hestia shrine, the Lakshmi icon’s frame, the candles, the lamp, and the incense burner. I crocheted a few pieces from cotton crochet thread (the curtains in the Hestia shrine, and the fishing net in the Water Shrine). I also painted the image in the El Shrine.  I purchased dollhouse miniature, other types of miniatures, beads, bells, etc to include in the shrines as well.  Some of the shrines were made from trinket boxes, and will work well as travel shrines.  The others are a little larger and were created from mini crates.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

If you’re interested in purchasing any of these shrines check out my shop’s Mini Altar and Shrines section.

January Etsy Shop Update


This will be the last Etsy shop post on this blog. I have decided to created a new blog just for my shop. If you would like to continue to receive my etsy spam please follow the new blog at niquys.wordpress.com.

Niquy's Eclectica

Temporary Closure.
I am nearing the end of my pregnancy, so as of February 1st I will be putting my shop on vacation mode. I am planning to reopen in May, but if need be I will reopen later. It really all depends on how I handle having an infant in the house again. Because there are only a couple of weeks left in January I will not be renewing or adding new listings. January has historically been a slow month for me, and by the time I reopen my shop any new or renewed listings will be on the verge of expiring, so really it isn’t worth it to me. Since there will be no fresh listings in my shop until May at the least, I’ll be offering a 30% off discount from now until my shop goes on vacation mode.

Use the coupon code: BABY30 to receive 30%…

View original post 102 more words

My thoughts on Sin and Khats’a


A lot of pagans mistakenly believe that sin is a concept that originated in Abrahamic religion. I used to personally hold this belief myself until I started learning about the Canaanites. Like many other concepts and practices, the idea of sin has it’s origins in ancient pagan religions. In Canaan the concept of sin was called khats’a. The Canaanite understanding differed greatly than how it’s understood in Christianity. In Christianity sin is understood to be an action which goes against the Christian god’s will. In Canaan sin is understood to be a negative action which causes universal or communal imbalance. In Tess Dawson book “The Horned Altar” (go to page 27) she mentions that there were three categories of sin in ancient Canaan, which were (in my wording):

1. Being insensitive and or disrespectful to the customs and norms of other cultures when you are on their turf.
2. Disobeying your own culture’s laws, norms and standards.
3. Accidental or purposeful misdeed during religious ritual.

Sometimes khats’a would be punished by a deity, but more often consequences for misdeeds were left up to cause and effect.

While I find the Canaanite understanding of sin to be a thousand times more reasonable than the Christian understanding, it’s not something I have adopted into my pagan practice, and it’s not something I plan to do. And to be honest this has everything to do with my Evangelical upbringing. Catholics are well known for their guilt complexes, but Evangelicals love themselves some guilt induced self-degradation too.

My introduction to sin and it’s “consequences” started when I was very young, I want to say 2rd or 3th grade. It was this early when I was first taught about Satan and Hell, and about the fallen evil nature of humanity. Later on I would learn about thought crimes. I’ve noticed, many people not familiar with the Bible and Christianity like to blame bullshit like thought crimes on Evangelicals and Fundamentalists being crazy and extreme, but this idea came straight from Jesus.

“You have heard that it was said, ‘You shall not commit adultery.’ But I tell you that anyone who looks at a woman lustfully has already committed adultery with her in his heart.” Matthew 5: 27 – 28 NIV

“Anyone who hates a brother or sister is a murderer, and you know that no murderer has eternal life residing in him.” 1 John 3:15 NIV

“You have heard that it was said to the people long ago, ‘You shall not murder, and anyone who murders will be subject to judgment.’ But I tell you that anyone who is angry with a brother or sister will be subject to judgment. Again, anyone who says to a brother or sister, ‘Raca,’ is answerable to the court. And anyone who says, ‘You fool!’ will be in danger of the fire of hell.” Matthew 5:21-22 NIV

(You could see why the Duggar girls were so quick to “forgive” Josh Duggar for molesting them. Because according to Jesus himself, rightfully staying angry at Josh would have put their souls at risk for hell fire. But I digress.)

So younger me was not only worried and feeling guilty about actual misdeeds done, but for simply thinking unapproved thoughts. (Thanks Jesus.)  Because in Evangelical Christianity deed and thought are one the same, and both carry the the same punishment, death and eternal torture. This is because sin is though of being disobedience to the Abrahamic god. His offense is the primary concern, any harm done to the self, another person or society cause by the misdeed is secondary.  This is also why actions that are victim-less (consensual premarital or homosexual sex, moderate alcohol or drug use, dirty dancing, causal cussing, etc) are still considered sins even if they bring no physical or emotional harm if done responsibly.  Evangelicals believe these things personally get Yahweh’s goat therefore they are capital crimes worthy of capital punishment (death and Hell).

Even though I was a total L7 at age 19, and really wasn’t doing anything “bad” in particular, I felt like I was constantly sinning. Going over the speed limit. Sin. Thinking sexy thoughts about a crush. Sin. Failing to complete a school assignment. Sin. Splurging on CD’s instead of using money more productively.  Sin. Failing to do the dishes. Sin. Listening to music that contains course language. Sin. Watching R rated movies. Sin. Questioning doctrine. Sin. Failing to make the Christian god my number one priority, every second of every day. Sin. Being angry. Being sad. Feeling horny. Not talking to more people about Jesus and Christianity. Not reading the Bible enough.  Not being devoted enough. Sin. Sin. Sin. I was sinning all the time and there was nothing I could do to stop it because I had been taught that pretty much everything was a sin. And someone who constantly does bad things and can’t stop is a bad person.  This meant I was a bad person, and worthy of Hell.  And this sort of thinking obviously isn’t healthy, not at all.

Becoming a neopagan and leaving behind the concept of sin was one of the most freeing experiences in my life, and I have little interest in reintroducing the concept. Giving up the concept of sin was like being able to breath freely for the first time. Much like someone who partied too hard in high school, and can’t stand to be around alcohol and drugs in their adult years, I am utterly burnt out on the concept of sin, atonement, and begging for divine forgiveness for simply being human. 10+ years after Christianity I’m still so burnt out. Burnt out for life…

That doesn’t mean I think I am the embodiment of perfection, or that I don’t recognize that humans are flawed creatures. But there is a difference between understanding that humans have flaws and weaknesses and embracing the concept of sin. Sin is not only misdeed and/or disobedience, but the idea that misdeed and/or disobedience spiritually stains people, and removing that stain usually requires divine intervention.  I don’t think the concept of sin will ever be something I could embrace in a healthy way, and I don’t need that added internal drama in my life.

Etsy Shop: Black Friday/Small Business Saturday/Cyber Monday/Winter Holiday Sale!


Sorry I haven’t been all that active here lately. I’m been busy with pregnancy stuff as well as preparing the Etsy shop for Black Friday.

From today until December 7, 2015 I will be holding my Winter Sale. This will be the final shop wide sale of the year.  All regularly priced items are marked down 10-30%. No coupon is necessary, all sales items have been marked down by hand. It takes awhile to mark everything down listing by listing, so the sale starts today. I didn’t want to try to find the time to do this on Thanksgiving, and I didn’t want to worry about it on Black Friday. It’s also because it takes so long to do that I run the sale as longs as I do.

Check out the sale at www.niquy.etsy.com.

Yule Ornaments Still available.
I still have lots of Pagan and Witchy themed Yule Tree ornaments available.

PointOrn01 CandyCaneNileOrn01 GrnWitchHatOrn01 HornGodOrn02

Check out more of my ornaments here!

Devotional Bracelets.
Diana01 Thor03 Astarte01
I’m running a bit low on these, but I am planning to restocking them next week. I may also be adding new Gods/Spirits.

Well that’s all I have to say.  May you and your loved ones have a Blessed Thanksgiving!


Etsy Shop: Deadlines for the 2015 Holiday Season


EarthyMama01Here is an unsexy post about my shop’s Holiday Season deadlines. I have already posted this info on my shop but I figured I should post it here as well.  If you have found that your deadlines has passed, I am always willing to try to make something work out but I can make no promises.

Deadlines for the 2015 Holiday Season.

Ready to Ship Items

Domestic (USA)
Winter Solstice: December 8
Christmas Day: December 14

Winter Solstice: November 17
Christmas Day: November 29

Made to Order Items

Domestic (USA)
Winter Solstice: November 27
Christmas Day: December 3

Winter Solstice: Deadline already passed, was November 6
Christmas Day: November 10

International orders can take anywhere from a few weeks to a month to 6+ weeks to be received by the customer. I calculated the International Deadlines assuming that shipping will take a month. I will try my best to send out your order in time so it can be received by your holiday, but I can offer no guarantees.

If your deadline has already passed, but you would still like to make a holiday purchase send me a Etsy conversation. I’m willing to express ship orders. I also may be willing to rush Made to Order items.

I will not be held responsible for late deliveries due to back ups on USPS’s end, nor for late deliveries due to bad weather. Deadlines only serve as estimates, and should not be mistaken for guarantees. Any item can be purchased after deadlines, but please don’t assume you’ll receive it in time for your holiday if you opt for my default shipping option (USPS First Class Mail).

My Etsy Shop: Samhain/Halloween Sale!


Just a quick announcement.  During October 28 – November 3, 2015 use the coupon code HALLOWEEN to get 20% off your purchase at my etsy shop!

Now please enjoy this beautiful Samhain chant I found on YouTube.  Blessed Samhain to you and yours in this world and in the great beyond!

Etsy Shop: I’m bringing the soaps back!


soap1soap3 soap2

When I first was planning to reopen my Etsy shop, I was planning on only selling Pagan themed products. But then I came to realize that I miss soaping, so I decided to start offering novelty soap in my shop again. I know that this isn’t the most compatible assortment of items, but as of now I’m not in the place where I can run two shops. I am planning on creating some Pagan/Witchcraft inspired soaps in the future, though.

All of my soaps are made to order. I am doing this to save on supplies and space, and so that I can offer more a varied selection. Because my soaps are made to order many designs are customizable, allowing customers to choose the scent, and sometimes the color of the soaps. On Etsy under my the “Shipping and Polices” tab on my soap listings I have it noted that it may take me one to two weeks for me to send out soap orders. Honestly, it probably won’t take me that long. But I am 23 weeks pregnant, and some days I’m just running on fumes. And this will get worse as my pregnancy progresses, and after that I’ll have a newborn to attend to. So while I’ll probably get your soaps out sooner, I am asking that you allow me up to two weeks to send out your soap. I make no promises or guarantees that it’ll take less than two weeks.

Note: My soaps are just meant to be fun, novel and unique. I make no claim about my products being all natural. I make no claims that my soaps are appropriate for people with sensitive skin, or people with sensitivities to scent* or colorants/dye. Also my soaps may not be safe with people with nut allergies as I have created products containing nut oils with my soap making equipment. Many of my soaps look like food items, so please keep soaps out of reach of young children who may mistake them for food.

*If all you want is a pretty bar of soap, and a sensitivity to scent is your only issue with bath and body products than I am more than willing to make any soap I offer scentless for you. Just send me a conversation (on Etsy).